CloudINX Signs MOU with PCCW Global, a leading global Tier1 telecommunications provider to deliver cutting-edge voice and data solutions to multinational enterprises and channel providing global communications, linking Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa. | CloudINX Signs MOU Cloud Partnership agreement with Seacom to grow and support its Channel in Middle East and Africa leveraging their in-country support for transit on SEACOM's global high-speed data fibre network around Africa, and SEACOM in Africa to leverage cloud technology to equip small to medium enterprises with cost-effective, simple-to-integrate business tools that rapidly extend their reach. | CloudINX Signs Exclusivity to build and represent Serverdomes Datacentres in Middle East and Africa. | CloudINX Signs Exclusivity to represent LiquidCool Datacenter Solutions in Middle East And Africa. | CloudINX is one of the winners anounced 2023, SME IT Awards UK | CloudINX voted top 1000 in UK for AI network Analytics. SEACOM, Africa's leading telecommunications company, announced that it has activated its services on Google's Equiano subsea cable, following the cable's landing in Cape Town, South Africa. This launch results from years of project negotiations and planning. The CloudINX Partnership with SEACOM offers customers a veriety of Cloud and Private Line services with latency speeds of +/-110ms between South Africa and Europe, making it the fastest direct route between the continents.| CloudINX a Strategic Console Connect Partner connects its clients directly into AWS, Google (GCP) | Microsoft Azure, Huawei Cloud, Oracle Alibaba and more. | CloudINX provides connections to a choice of 850+ global datacentres.
850 Data Centres


An Independent Network Exchange
Software Defined Automated Global Networking

850+ Interconnected Edge-to-Core, Highly Connected Datacentres.

Simplifying Interoperability.

Cloud Onramps.


Discover how we can support your business with the connectivity, capacity, and network services.

We enable. We deliver. We support. We simply connect.

CloudINX utilizes cloud technology to provide small and medium enterprises with affordable and easy-to-implement business solutions.

Colocation | Cloud Services | Connectivity (Wired & Wireless) | Communication | Network Infrastructure

CloudINX, Your Global Connection Hub. Seamless. Secure. Independent. Unparalleled Reach. Unmatched Expertise.

CloudINX, a global leader, a Cloud Independent Network Exchange (INX) and carrier-grade Cloud Service Provider (CSP), operates as a group of associated global support partners. We offer a comprehensive range of long-range network services, including datacentre design, network consulting, colocation, cloud computing, and global dynamic routing, with the use of automated connectivity solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Connect with a Leader.

CloudINX an industry leader in overcoming the logistical and proprietary obstacles that once hindered interconnection and interoperability. We simplify voice, data, and hosted services by connecting networks together and then integrating them into our holistic global network. This network consists of hundreds of international carriers, global enterprises, service providers, and content management firms that rely on CloudINX to meet their interconnection and interoperability demands. Since 2014, Our clients leverage the unmatched depth and breadth of the CloudINX network, benefiting from a collective network that is much more diverse, densely interconnected, and faster than they could develop on their own.

Connect. Reliably

Business demands network reliability. This is why many of the largest carriers across the globe trust us with their traffic. Our intelligent, (AI) scalable, and robust MPLS-SDWAN network supports a wide variety of needs, including Transit, Ethernet, Voice, and Hosted services. Composed of seasoned and dedicated industry professionals. CloudINX is transforming the telecommunications industry by connecting hundreds of transport providers across the globe into one scalable, reliable network space.

Connect. Globally

With CloudINX, there are no limits, geographical or otherwise. You can connect confidently, knowing that we deliver on our promises. We are your single point of contact for any and all issues, taking ownership of problems and solving them. With an extensive network of carrier and datacentre partners spanning over 850+ datacentres in 50 countries across 5 continents, CloudINX is well-positioned to facilitate connections with customers and partners worldwide. As a strategic Independent Carrier-Datacenter partner, we support a self-provisioning cloud-connected platform, and provision networks across extensive metro circuits across major networks and support some of the largest most respected operators on projects around the world.

Connect. Confidentially

With CloudINX, you have a partner who is dependable, accountable, and always available. We are committed to making everything work seamlessly, helping you grow your business by enabling reliable connections how, when, and where you want.

Global Datacentre and Colocation.

At CloudINX, we provide state-of-the-art datacentre and colocation services that ensure your critical infrastructure is secure, scalable, and always available. Our datacentres are equipped with advanced security measures, redundant power supplies, and high-speed connectivity to support your mission-critical applications. By colocating with CloudINX, you benefit from reduced latency, enhanced reliability, and the ability to easily scale your operations. Our facilities are strategically located to provide optimal connectivity, allowing you to extend your reach and enhance performance while maintaining complete control over your hardware and data.

Seamless Solutions for Complex, and Interconnection Challenges.

Complex interconnection and interoperability challenges demand more than just intelligence; they require a passion for problem-solving and innovation. At CloudINX, we have that passion. Our mission is to ensure everything works smoothly and efficiently. As a CSP We develop and deliver simplified global interconnection solutions that result in seamless interoperability of your voice, data, and video transport systems. We help you grow your business by enabling you to connect how, when, and where you want.

IP Transit.

We use the top five providers of IP transit services worldwide as our connected backbone. The LEADING IPv4 service provider and a top provider of IPv6 backbone services worldwide.


Our global Partner and startegic alliance networks terminate Billions of billable minutes each month over the second largest SIP routing network in the world. Direct termination capability to over half a billion numbers in 19 markets in the US. Expanding in to Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.


Simple Commercial terms and fast provisioning intervals to accelerate your revenue. The worlds most accessible ethernet network and highly connected pops.

Hosted Services.

Full range of unified communications services imploding single number reach, integrated messaging and presence, Video Calling and Webex Integration. Hosted Collaboration services is built on Cisco's world renowned unified communications product suite.

Book a demo and Simply. Connect with CloudINX.

Let us revolutionize the way you connect your business to the world. Explore our innovative and reliable network solutions today. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and unlock a world of opportunity.

Together, let's build a more connected future.


Providing reliable and high-speed local, and long range internet physical or virtual (SD-WAN) connectivity (point to point or point to multi point) global datacentre colocation or interconnected cloud solutions, with long range wireless back up or temporary options.

Working closely with clients to understand their needs and develop tailored solutions through a consultative approach.

Ensuring consistent and dedicated support to clients, delivering on promises.

Customer Service.
Offering exceptional customer service and support.

Maintaining uninterrupted services and ensuring business continuity for clients.

Truly global reach.
One large interconnected 738,000km fibre network that could stretch 18 times round the world. Fully redundant and resilient, a network that connects you to all major cities worldwide.

Backed by industry-leading SLAs.
Comprehensive end-to-end SLA & 24/7 support covering activation, availability, transit delay, packet loss, jitter and mean time to restoration.

Competitive Pricing.
We offer competitive pricing and an assured quality of service, without relying on intermediaries.

Secure and private, independent by design.
A private network separates traffic from the public internet to meet stringent security and compliance requirements.

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Those that you rely on.

Rely on us.

3 Reasons to choose us.

  • Scalability

    CloudINX offers scalable solutions, allowing businesses to easily adjust their resources according to their needs. Whether it's increasing storage capacity, adding computing power, or expanding network capabilities, CloudINX provides the flexibility to scale up or down as required.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Businesses can potentially reduce their overall IT costs. Instead of investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure, CloudINX offers pay-as-you-go pricing models, where businesses only pay for the resources they use. This can lead to significant cost savings.

  • Reliability & Availability

    CloudINX guarantees high levels of reliability and availability for its services. With redundant infrastructure, data backups, and geographically distributed datacentres, CloudINX ensures that businesses can access their data and applications reliably, with minimal downtime or interruptions, crucial for maintaining business continuity - meeting service level agreements (SLAs).

Build a Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multi Point SD-WAN Network.

CloudINX is a long-established CSP a provider of Cloud and Internet services spanning a large number of countries, CloudINX utilizes the world's largest network to connect and colocate our clients in world-class certified datacentre facilities, offering a range of services for global companies. Leveraging PCCW's Tier 1 network expertise in building global fiber networks, together with ConsoleConnect and Seacoms Fibre Network Infrastructure that connects Africa, Asia, and Europe. Leveraging a strategic Seacom - BT EMEA partner on technical and support services, global vendor relationships, and expertise, CloudINX has significantly expanded its portfolio of services overreaching 850+ global locations aimed at growing EMEA businesses regions. This collaboration has enabled CloudINX to grow its customer and partnership base, thereby strengthening its offerings and extending its reach beyond existing markets.

CloudINX serves as the ideal independent backbone for various business connectivity needs. With the increasing demand for flexibility and easy access to multi-cloud environments.
CloudINX employs the latest advancements in software-defined networking to address interoperability issues, providing ultrafast and cost-effective connectivity on demand. This transition towards software-defined networks eliminates the need for extensive engineering time, enabling fast and secure direct access to major cloud providers through an Independent Network Exchange (INX). By interconnecting global datacentres, CloudINX ensures the lowest latency and offers direct connections to leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud (GCP), Huawei Cloud, Oracle, Alibaba, and more, facilitating simpler and faster private networking solutions.

CloudINX is a professional Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offering advanced cloud solutions. Utilizing our expertise and global infrastructure, we support your business in transitioning to a cloud-first approach. Our offerings include hyperscale public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and managed cloud services, all designed to enhance infrastructure performance and availability.

Through its extensive ICT data infrastructure comprising multiple interconneted datacentres andconected Clouds traversing on multiple redundant and last mile networks through global subsea cables, a resilient continent-wide IP-MPLS network, and Metro Fibre in major European and African cities—CloudINX delivers a comprehensive suite of flexible, scalable, and high-quality communications and cloud solutions, fostering partner growth in the Information Communication economy. As a privately owned and operated company, CloudINX enjoys the agility to swiftly customize and deploy new services, commercial models, and infrastructure in response to customer needs.

Cloud and AI based Network Services.



  • Internet Access:
    • DIA
    • Global IP Transit
    • Corporate Connect (Ethernet)
    • Fibre Access
    • Wireless Internet
      • Off-Net Circuits
      • Voice Managed VLAN


  • Private and Public Cloud Solutions: Infrastructure for businesses requiring dedicated resources and enhanced security.
  • Cloud Backup. Disaster Recovery: data protection, backup, and quick recovery.


  • Voice Services:
    • Hosted PBX: Cloud-based private branch exchange services.
  • Unified Communcations (UC): Integrated voice, video, and data collaboration platforms, seamless experience.


  • Datacentre Services:
    • Colocation: Full Rack Hosting, business-critical infrastructure.
    • Managed Hosting: Full-service solutions, server management and maintenance.
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The Cloud and Datacentre Experts.

  • Innovation and Advanced Features:

    CloudINX continually invests in the latest technologies and innovations, offering advanced features like AI and machine learning network integrations, IoT support, and comprehensive analytics tools. By choosing CloudINX, businesses can leverage cutting-edge technology to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their market..

  • Expert Support and Services:

    CloudINX offers comprehensive support and managed services to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure. Their team of experts can assist with migration, setup, and ongoing management, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their cloud investment. This expert support can be particularly valuable for organizations lacking in-house IT expertise or resources.